Spotting Fake Perfumes [Video]

There’s a whole lot of perfume makers and manufacturers in the world nowadays. But some distributors try to bootleg perfume-making. While cheaper, these products could have a sour scent, partly due to lackluster ingredients. What’s worse, they could cause some serious skin and health problems.

Most of these fragrances can be found in flea markets or your local thrift store. If you want to take the risk, or you’d like to carry a scent without paying extra, here are some great tips to spot fake perfumes.

Flowers used as Perfumes

rose petals in waterHave you ever wondered how your favorite perfumes are made? Have you considered making perfumes out of the flowers in your garden? If you are considering making perfume from flowers, it is time to get acquainted with the type of flowers that provide a lasting fragrance:

Rose. Ask any landscapers and gardeners and they will tell you that this flower is known to be the queen of flowers. The variety that is commonly used in perfumery is the Rosa centifolia and Damask Rose. These flowers are usually gathered at night for their fragrances are best appreciated before sunrise. The simplest way to make a perfume out of a rose is to shed the petals in a bowl with enough water and grind them using a mortar and pestle, then, sifted with water. The process is repeated until the water turn reddish brown and it’s ready to use as a perfume!

Jasmine. The fragrance of jasmine is especially liked because of its scent that is both refreshing and energy boosting. To get the most out of jasmine blossoms, you should pick them just before dawn. Making perfume out of jasmine may be quite difficult compared with the rose. The petals are crushed and mixed with oil in a jar. The jar is then covered, then left in direct sunlight for about two days. While waiting for the two days, you should go back and shake the jar every so often or at least every two to three hours. After two days, you can strain the oil using a muslin cloth and used the perfume oil. If the scent is not strong enough, you can repeat the process, until the desired strength of the scent is achieved.

Lavender. Historically, lavender had been part of the cleaning and bathing rituals of the early Egyptians and Romans. The sweet aroma of lavender, whether dried or fresh were used as perfume as well as cure for back aches and insanity. Presently, most bath and body care products use lavender in soaps, candles and shampoos. At home, you can make a lavender perfume by plucking stalks of the lavender flower. Put them in a jar of oil like coconut, olive, sweet almond or grape seed oil. Seal and let it stand in direct sunlight or near your stove for two days. Shake the jar every 12 hours to distribute the scent into the oil. After two days, with the use of a muslin paper, strain the oil. If you think that the scent is not enough, repeat the whole process to achieve desired results.

These flowers can be combined to make a whole new fragrance or a signature fragrance of your own. One of the important advices when it comes to using fresh or dried flowers is to ensure that you don’t have any allergy to any of the ingredients that you are using. It is also advisable to label the jars or perfume bottle containers where you will store these home-made perfumes to keep track of the day you made it since most home-made perfumes will only last for a year.

The Damaging Effects Of Sunlight On Your Skin.. and How To Lower Your Exposure

Sun, sun, sun – it gives a great feeling right, being under it and feeling it, especially for so long after a cold season? Yes, but it still is not good to overexpose yourself. A maximum of 15 minutes is the only allowed duration and more than that will risk you to damage to you and your skin.

Sunburn. This is a common occurrence especially for the active people who go to the beach a lot or just those who stay and play outdoors for an extended period of time. This is when your skin reddens and it can usually come with stinging pain and heat. If it is in a worse state, pain and discomfort can be felt. Blisters can also be formed and you become at risk for infection if you pop them up. Weakness, headaches and flu can even be experienced. Moreover, sunburn may be an indication for heat stroke.

Aging. Wrinkles and creases can appear in the parts of the skin that are exposed the most to the sun. You will end up looking tired and old. Thinning and weakness of the skin will be likely, making you more prone to bruising and tearing.

Skin cancers. The worst case scenario would be you suffering from this deadly disease. There are three types: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. Even these specific cancers can be developed on areas that are covered from the sun.

Whether you have fair skin or dark skin, it would be best to do the necessary preventive measures to protect you from the sun’s evil effects on your body.

Use an umbrella. It is not just for rain; bring an umbrella when it is hot out too. It can really help shield you. If you are not keen on using one, a cap or a hat can be substitutes.

Apply sunscreen. Buy those with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15 or above because they show more effect and impact. Spread it evenly and thickly on your skin for a barely-there application will not help at all.

Wear clothes with lots of coverage. This is not to say you have to cover yourself up totally, but it is a reminder that if you are to show some skin (particularly during summer), do it mildly. If you can, wear dark colored clothing because they absorb the UV rays better than the light colored ones.

Install blinds. The windows in the home can let light from the sun get inside so putting up window blinds can counteract such condition. You can control the entry of light and you are given privacy and protection as well.

There are blockout blinds Glasgow and they offer high quality and cost effective products and services. Their window blinds comes in different types, colors and designs so you are definitely in for a treat.

Enjoy the sun but never too much. It can be destructive so keep that in mind. Whenever you are to go about, always be prepared and be on defense.

Colognes and Shopping For One

Cologne or fragrance, at this point, is not much more than a common term. While it initially is  referred to a particular, mostly citrus fragrance made with water from Perfume, Germany, in the 18th century, now it’s generally simply a group name. Saying that you use perfume is kind of like cooking a delicious roasting chicken and telling your visitors that you’ll be serving meat.

Appearing fancier, the name signifies the percent of essential oils made use of to make your fragrance, which could be anywhere in between 5 and 15 percent. The following action up is eau de parfum, at 10 to 20 percent, and next is with by perfume extract, which could be as higher as 40 percent. According to Mandy Aftel, author of Essence and Alchemy: A Natural Record of Perfume, with much less dip, extracts really highlight the components.


And as with barrel-strength alcohol, there’s a special method to comprehend and cherish and apply  perfume extract. You barely use any kind of  merely a dab on the rhythm factors of your neck and wrists. Which means that ultimately and rather amazingly  a stronger scent ends up being a much more subtle scent.



Selecting the Right Cologne For You

Perfumes are exactly what give you that trademark scent. A great deal of the leading selling mens perfume leaves a lasting and favorable perception on those you enter contact with. Which could possibly be a good thing.

There are a variety of notes and aromas  used for various celebrations. You will have to find a store to experiment with the choices of fragrances that are offered on the market today. When looking for  a cologne, keep these things in mind.


While there are numerous stunning fragrances in the upper price variety, there are also numerous and plenty budget-friendly perfumes out there, including a few of the most effective smelling males perfume. Determine the amount of you would like to invest. The majority of fragrances are available in a range of dimensions so if you like one however it’s expensive, go for the smaller sized bottles if it’s available. Look for discount online.


When do you intend to wear the cologne? If it is for daily casual use that you can use in an office,  discover something light. Look for something that matches you well, but is not also overbearing. You would certainly really want something more bigger in scent if it’s for a charming evening out. Something to leave that long lasting perception. Some of the most effective guys cologne can be made use of for both casual and romantic scenarios.

Cologne Notes

Perfumes or Colognes  have just what are called notes which are basically the aromas in a cologne. The stuff that stimulates your sense of smell. There are three kinds of notes when talking about colognes and fragrance:.

Top Notes:  These produce the initial scent perception. These notes have a light fragrance and often vanish within Thirty Minutes.

Middle Notes:  Center notes could be thought about the “physical body” of the notes blended together, leading to bottom. These notes take a few minutes before being discovered and creating on the skin.

Base Notes: This is the part that provides the cologne’s aroma its holding power. When looking up notes in a perfume, keep in thoughts that these will certainly stand for many of the aroma as they are the most powerful.


What scent do you wear? Do you wear for all occasions or you purchase separate colognes for different events?

Massage and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

fatigueWhen you are tired, don’t you wish you had more time to rest? Have you heard about people who were prescribed to take long periods of rest because of an unknown condition? Have you heard about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? It is a term used to designate a group of physical symptoms that includes, among other things, extreme and persistent weakness and exhaustion. (John Hopkins Symptoms and Remedies, 1995). The definition did not change nor was the cause of its development specified to date.

It is a condition characterized by severe, debilitating fatigue, usually made worse by exercise. It also includes recurrent flu-like symptoms, including a chronic sore throat, aches and pains in the muscles and joints, painful lymph nodes in the armpits and neck, headaches, low grade fever if 99.5 to 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit, mental confusion, irritability, memory loss and sleeping difficulties.

This syndrome is usually treated symptomatically, which means, management is directed towards the symptom. Since the source of this condition is unknown, over-the-counter pain relievers are used for the muscle and joint pains. Plenty of rest and a healthy and well-balanced diet are recommended. Physical limits should not be exceeded, since exercise and exertion can worsen the symptoms.

An individual with this condition will be seen most commonly sitting or lying in bed. Energy gets depleted with simple tasks – which makes the person confined to his bed or chair most of the time. This poses a problem for the muscles that are not used – they atrophy or in much simpler terms, shrink.

Most probably, you have heard the saying: “What you don’t use, you lose.” This is true with muscles. In order for this system to function well, it should receive enough blood and nutrient supply which is afforded by moving or exertion. And since an individual cannot do so, the muscles will expectedly reduce in size. Look what happens to people who recovered from a coma. They usually need physical therapists in order to be able to walk or use a specific muscle again.

No matter how good your circulation is, there is nothing that comes near the benefits of exercise provided by movement and exertion. Now, how can someone with such a condition afford an exercise to prevent the muscles to shrink?

Some patients hire a physical therapist or go to one. The therapist will help move the individual’s muscles and strengthen it with passive or range of motion exercises. This will ensure that adequate circulation for the different parts of the body is achieved.

Another growing alternative is to go to health clubs or spas. This is a great way to relax for those who cannot afford to rest because they need to work. Most of the massage sessions in health clubs or spa include aromatherapy or the use of scents from varied flower and herbal oils. Aromatherapy in health clubs helps to relieve stress while the massage helps to strengthen the muscles.

Another alternative is to use a massage chair. It helps to bring enough circulation to the upper parts of the body. In addition, such device will also help to mobilize secretions to prevent the lungs from developing pneumonia and other related-lung disorders connected to restricted physical movement. An individual can use aromatherapy with the massage chair by purchasing easy to use aromatherapy kits. This is also a great way to enjoy your massage chair while at home.

If a massage chair is not possible, nor visiting a health spa quite difficult, then home service can be called in. It is important that the individual achieves some form of movement in the muscles to prevent it from shrinking.

Another option is to have one member of the family render the range of motion exercise for the individual affected by chronic fatigue syndrome. This way, the exercise can be accomplished on a daily basis without additional financial expenses on your part. The passive range of motion exercise is usually taught or demonstration by nurses or doctors to close family members of the patient.

Limited physical movement is a debilitating predisposing factor for many illnesses – this includes higher fat deposition, pulmonary problems as well as bowel movement problems like constipation. The blood is sluggish in its movement and so is the supply of blood and nutrients to different parts of the body. Heart problems such as hypertension and stroke will eventually develop from fat deposition in the arteries and veins. The nutrient supply is more than what is needed, but the demand for it is limited due to the condition. As such, development is also decreased. It’s like the individual is being forced to become a couch potato even if he does not want to.

Dealing With Stress and Burnout

stressAn initial manifestation of stress is the person’s tendency to avoid or distance himself or herself from other people. Other symptoms include fatigue, muscular tension causing headache and back pain, insomnia, feelings of anxiety and fear, irritability and a tendency to be forgetful.

Unrelieved stress may lead to mental and physical exhaustion, which is now a recognized medical syndrome called burnout. Not all people who suffer from stress will develop burnout. People who are more prone to develop this condition are those that seem to be idealistic, setting unattainable goals in their work and profession, or have a multiplicity of problems, personal and professional to deal with.

Symptoms of burnout include increased irritability and forgetfulness; increased frequency in making errors; an inability to make decisions or accept job-related responsibilities; withdrawal from family and social relationship; an increase in smoking; and an increased use of alcohol, tranquilizers and other drugs.

Stress-related disorders include increased blood pressure, heart disturbances, decreased blood sugar levels, gastric ulcers, colitis and skin disorders of various kinds. Individuals must learn how to prevent stress and burnout or how to deal with them when they develop both in personal living and in a work situation.

  1. Develop realistic and attainable goals for yourself. Analyze your limitations and strengths and emphasize your strengths. Believe in yourself. Learn to separate who you are from what you do.
  2. Don’t burden yourself in the “now” with things that belongs to yesterday or tomorrow. Learn to accept what is until the time comes when you can change it.
  3. Expand your interests to include friends, hobbies, sports and educational experiences not associated with your work or profession.  Develop a hobby like gardening and consult with a landscape gardener in bristol to get yourself started. Develop new skills or learn one that involves creativity, like paving and patio laying for landscape purposes.
  4. Allow yourself permission to fail without self-condemnation, but try to learn from any mistakes you may have made.
  5. Learn techniques of relaxation that can be used frequently throughout the work day as well as away from work. Most importantly, develop a sense of humor. Research shows that real laughter actually changes body reactions.
  6. Maintain adequate nutrition with a good balance of vitamins, especially B-complex and minerals. Have a nourishing meal before starting to work, especially in the morning. Your body must have enough nutrition if it is to function efficiently; otherwise, stress will deplete your emotional and physical reserves.
  7. Learn to recognize when stress is approaching dangerous levels. Seek help from friends or a professional counselor. Take time out after work by going to your favorite massage clinic or spending some time on a massaging chair. Take a vacation with an entire change of activity and place.
  8. Avoid self-medication. Symptoms of stress can be relieved temporarily with drugs, but drugs do not remove the cause of stress. Drugs, including alcohol and tranquilizers may be habit-forming and dangerous and may create more stress than relief. Recognize that drugs will endanger your personal relationships and your professional or work performance as well.
  9. Review your role expectations and the realities of your work situation. Attempt to solve any problems that you can. Assertiveness will help to prevent or relieve symptoms of stress.
  10. Seek opportunities for resolving problems with coworkers before they lead to disagreements and conflicts.
  11. Realize that as a leader you can do much to decrease the stress of your coworkers by giving them time to carry out task assignments, not giving contradictory directions and not playing favorites or pitting one person again another. In other words, plan ways to provide job satisfaction.
  12. Do not ignore or deny the possibility of chemical dependence in a coworker when indications of impairment occur. Confront the individual and try to get the person to seek help. Seeking help for yourself or a colleague is not an admission of weakness or failure.

Taking active coping measures can help you realize that you are not alone, that burnout is not inevitable or irreversible, and that you have the power to make an exciting new beginning.

How Perfumes Are Made

Before we begin delving into the world of men’s scents, it is always worthwhile to begin with the basics. How are perfumes made? Imagine this: 4 tons of roses = 1 600 000 rose blossoms = 1 kg of rose oil. Or this: balsams are harvested and extracted to provide that warm, ambery, or smoky smell. The process is quite old and traditional. For you to have an idea how balsams are harvested, watch this video.

Its process is quite remarkable, in fact, the smell is in itself mysterious. The perfume below with its golden sheen exudes a longer lasting ambiance once it touches the skin. Lovely smell from the balsamic process.

perfume balsam

Knowing your scent, experimenting and involving emotions are basic ingredients to come up with the perfect fragrance.

“The best result is when the technical side is not visible”. Indeed. The process of making scents depict perfumers’ passion to their craft. Natural ingredients from plants and at times animals are selected and gathered extract the needed oil. The extraction process is the technical side. Because perfumes depend on the harvest of plants and the availability of animals, the business could be at risk.  A lot of factors are involved like the crop season’s condition and growth of the plant may not yield the same scent.  Animals once killed for their oils are now in the endangered species list. Actually, it is expensive and difficult to extract oil from animals. Therefore, synthetic oils are now used to eliminate all these risks. Synthetic oils stabilizes the perfumery craft nowadays.

Humans have indeed come a long way to cover their odor.